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Welcome to the "Functionalities" section of the Puck 2.0 online help. Here, you can find a detailed description of all PUCK functional components. As showed on the image below, those can be firstly distinguished into three main components : the Menu Bar, the Main Window and the Partitions Bar.
This part of the guide is thus divided into sections that match with one of these Puck components. 
In order to navigate through the guide and find the functionality that you are looking for, you can identify the PUCK main component to which it is related to, and then navigate to the pertinent section of the guide by using the "Functionalities Menu" (located on the right side of this web page).
For instance, to know what is the "Additional data" frame (see below) and how to use it, click on the "Main Window" voice of the "Functionalities" menu, and then search the page running a Ctrl+F text query.
Be aware that, on the "Functionalities" menu, some entries appear even if they don't belong to the Puck main components showed below. It's because those entries are related to specific commands that the guide treates in the Menu Bar sections.