Manage and Edit Data
Once the dataset is created, you can then begin entering new data by creating individuals, kinship relations, families, additional data (place of birth, occupation, religion, date of birth, etc.). In order to do so, you can use the following commands from the Edit Menu, the correspondent keyboard shortcuts, or the Main Window Bottom Toolbar (see here) :

  • Edit > Add individual
Ctrl + I
  • Edit > Add Origin family
Ctrl + U
  • Edit > Add partner
Ctrl + P
  • Edit > Add child
Ctrl + K
  • Edit > Add family
Ctrl + Maj + U
  • Edit > Find
Ctrl + F


NoteThe command Add Origin family create a family where Ego appears as a children. The command Add family creates a simple union tie, whose individuals must be defined.


***GAP Add Relation Model


The command Edit > Preferences allows choosing in which language Puck will run. The available languages are : English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

In the Preferences dialog window, the Input settings frame allows defining how PUCK has to treat, by default, several special features. This can be useful, in particular, in order to prevent data input mistakes. There are three possibilities :

  • None : the selected Special Feature  is not reported

  • Warning : the selected Special Feature  is reported and a confirmation is asked

  • Error : the selected Special Feature  is denied